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ST 37, long-running specialists in bubbling-mercury riffage and German-flavored trance rock... - David Fricke (Rolling Stone)


These Texas astronauts stuff their hash pipes to the brim and pay homage to Can, Amon Duul and Chrome...their psychedelicatessen of originals is stocked with brain-melting skree...- Fred Mills (Magnet)


My favorite track on the album is "Concrete Island, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard...on first listening...I recalled reading this book so vividly and so perfectly, I was amazed. This recollection was unlike any feeling I have previously known or felt from music...- Adam Strider (StriderNews)


From the moment the credits open, the band launches into a continuously evolving and strangely beautiful ethereal drone lasting the duration of the 1926 silent film classic.

(from a review of ST 37’s soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s "Metropolis") - Michael Bertin (Austin Chronicle)

A friend of mine said I would get a "kick" out of it...I did. - Byron Coley

..paint-blistering guitar and some elegant phased bass work poised atop droning vocal splendor... - Phil McMullen (Ptolemaic Terrascope)

The piledriving Hawkwind-y/Wipers stuff near the end is still my favorite. - Jello Biafra

...real mindblown 1990s American garage sputter here! - Chris Stigliano (Your Flesh)

Into the likes of Viv Akauldren, Loop, Chrome et al.?...wailing distorted guitars, effects and electronics...I await further releases with interest. - Alan Freeman (Audion)

Twistedly psychedelic and swirling in a cyclonic stew...one of the most infectiously woven slabs of noise- as- music released since the 60s drug boom. - Andrea 'Enthal (Alternative Press)

Melting Euphoria and the Texan band ST 37 are the two best working psychedelic bands in America today. - Andre (Crohinga Well)