MP3 sound clips for your enjoyment

Because you can never have too much of a good thing -  an unreleased ST37 track:

The Storm Dome

Here's some greatest hits from our official releases.  Like what you hear?  You can buy 'em on our Sale page.

   Could, born

CD: Nunavut   Label: (blue circle)



    Stack collision with heap

CD: Down on us   Label: Emperor Jones



    Lay my Love

CD: I love to talk...if there's anything to talk about... 

Label: Emperor Jones



    March of the Chrome Police
CD: Spaceage     Label: Black Widow

   Ghosts of Tempera Nymphs
CD: The Invisible College    Label: Over and Out


Of course, these are only 30-second samples. If you'd like to hear more, please visit our Bandcamp page, where you can stream and listen to 6 (and counting) of our albums for free, download several full tracks for free, and download all the artwork and all the music of said records for a small fee. Check it out here.