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1987 - billygoat nothinghead cassette EP (blue circle)


1988 - Remember King Trash and Egg People, on the compilation cassette:

 The Polyp Explodes (Deadline)

1988 - Sucking on the Family Tit, on the compilation cassette: Coalescence

( Mojo Music)


1988 - Umma Godda Davida , on the compilation cassette: Pleasureland 

 (Flying Squirrel)


1988 - feature silica vicarious cassette/ LP (blue circle)


1989 - dimensions give quiet (imaginary soundtracks) cassette /LP (blue circle)

1989 - *from space w/love cassette /LP (blue circle)

1989 - Merlin Olsen's Crippled Mystical Benefactor, on the compilation

            cassette: Pleasureland  Revisited  (Flying Squirrel)


1989 - Snootle Y Choobs on the compilation cassette: Gajoob #7 Sampler #6

         ( Gajoob)

1990 - Retz (the capital of Venus), on the compilation LP: From twisted minds

            come... (Noiseville)

1991 - Look at yr chair b/w Pumpkinface 7" single (Over and Out)

1992 - *The Invisible College CD  (Over and Out)

1993 - Taboo Down Under b/w Hoodoo Woman 7" single (Noiseville)

1994 - New Arrival, on the compilation double CD: America the Beautiful (RRR)

1994 - No Magic Bullets; My Penis (LA Riots), on the double cassette

            compilation:   1-800-AMERICA (RRR)


1994 - * The Gypsy's Curse b/w Crab Nebula 7" single

1994 - * John Deere Isolation Tank 101 min. cassette  (blue circle)

1995 - * Glare double LP ( Helter Skelter/Prospective/Electric Jug)

1995 - The Watcher, on the compilation  CD/double LP: Assassins of Silence -

             Hundred Watt Violence (Ceres)

1995 - * Speed of life, on the compilation CD: Only Bowie (Only Boy)

1996 - Thank God It's Not Christmas, on the compilation cassette: Turn Me On, 

  Dead Man (Egg & Anvil)

1997 -

split LP with Vocokesh -$8 (RRR)

1998 -
* Spaceage CD and LP (Black Widow)

1998 - Hallohero (live), on the compilation CD: Weedstock Vol. 1 (FishEye)


1999 - *The Secret Society LP  (Lost)


1999 - Remains Kickbit, on the compilation CD: Noise Kills Punk Dead



1999 - Oh My, Goddammn (live), on compilation CD-R: Hawk US Time &

           Space  Strange Days '98


2000 - *I love to talk...if there's anything to talk about... CD  (Emperor


2000 - Translunar Injection; New Arrival, live tracks on the  compilation CD: Strange 

  Daze '97(Pangea)

2000 - Nicht Jetzt, on the compilation CD: Live from the Devil's Triangle Vol. 2 (KFJC)


2000 - Hey (Eternity Started Awhile Ago); Sweet Thought, on Pip Proud's CD: Oncer 

           ( Emperor Jones)


2000 - Concrete Island, on the compilation CD: Children of Black Widow (Black Widow)


2001 - *Frantic Search for Zero CD-R  (blue circle)


2001 - Good Time, on Pip Proud's CD "A Yellow Flower" (Emperor Jones)


2002 - *Nunavut double CD-R (blue circle)


2002 - *ST 37 appear on five tracks on Spirits Burning's CD:  Reflections In a Radio

            Shower (Gazul/Musea)


2002 -  Discorporate, live radio broadcast track on the WFMU compilation CD: Don't Shoot
            the Toy Piano Player


2002 - *No Tourniquet For Love, on the Lisa Suckdog tribute compilation: Beasts of the Night

            Gather Together (Nutmusic)


2002 - A Huge, Rare Cheese, on the 2002 Touch and Go/Quarterstick sampler 

            (Touch and Go)


2002 - *Down On Us CD (Emperor Jones)


2002 - Cloud/cattle, on the compilation CD:  POT 32 for issue #32 of Ptolemaic 

           Terrascope magazine


2002 - *Darkness In Tabriz, (featuring Coz the Shroom) on the compilation CD: What!?! 

            AreYou On Drugs!?!  (Ant Lunch Musick


2003 - The Pursuit of Maria,  on the science fiction movie music compilation:  Not of This Earth

            (Black Widow)  3xCD/4xLP box


2003 - No Man's Land track on the Syd Barrett tribute compilation: Let's Try It Another Way

            from the Laughing Madcaps/TexasPsych group


2003 - *from space w/ love CD-R -newly remixed and remastered at Sweatbox Studios by SL

              Telles and Bryan Nelson (reissue w/ bonus track of the 1989 cassette LP)


2003 - Birds'd Crash, on the Fleece Sampler 2003 promo compilation CD-R


2003 - You'll Die In a Car Crash, on the compilation CD: Free & Freaky  from Zoopa 

           Loopa e-zine


2003 - Orgone Accumulator, on the Hawkwind tribute 2xCD: Daze of the Underground



2003 - 10 seconds of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man, on 10" EP: The Vegetable Man 10" Project 

           (Oggetti Volanti)


2004 - *The Insect Hospital  CD/double LP (Black Widow)


2004 - Vegetable Man  on  the  CD:  The Vegetable Man Project, Vol. 2 (Oggetti Volanti)


2004 - *ST37 Live 2003 CD-R (blue circle)


2004 - *Destiny 2xCDR limited edition (blue circle)


2005 - *They time (edit) on the 2xCD compilation Hall of Mirrors (Emperor Jones)

            (released 1/25/04)


2005 - Chromosome Damage on the Chrome Tribute CD: You've Been Duplicated: Chrome to Disc in the Cyberage (Aktivator)


2005 - Burn the Witch/Love Theme (Finale) on the compilation CD Psytrax 1 (Psytrax)


2005 - Future Memories CD - (Four Four Records)


2006 - Vicarious Billygoat CDR (blue circle)


2007 - and then what LP (Noiseville)


2007 - Future Memories and Alpha Harmony on the Spirits Burning 2xLP and CD Alien Injection (Black Widow)


2008 - and then what limited edition CDR (Reverb Worship)


2009 - Drive-By Poetry (Double Shot Mix) on the Spirits Burning CD Our Best Trips 1998 - 2008 (Voiceprint)


2009 - High and Inside limited tour prerelease edition CD (blue circle)


2010 - Lactating Purple b/w Monster (by the Linus Pauling Quartet) split 7 45 (blue circle)


2010 - High and Inside CD (blue circle)


2010 - Lay My Love on the compilation LP Garden of Eno (Lost Worldwide)

2011 - KBDP 3"CD (Kendra Steiner Editions)

2012 - Awkward Moments CD (Reverb Worship)

2012 - Just You on The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Vol. 2 (The Carnival Is Over) compilation CD (Vanity Case)

2012 - German Verman on the digital compilation For Lee Jackson In Space (Bandcamp)

2013 - Marina on the compilation CD Conspiracy A-Go-Go (turnmeondeadman.com)

2014 - History of Wah on the digital compilation Friends of Danna (bandcamp.com)

2015 - I'm Not Good CD (Cleopatra) and cassette (GoJohnnyGo)




I'm Not Good 2xLP (Yoshiwara Collective)