Tour So Far

Well, here tis. Help us out if you can.

ST 37 tour 2019


Monday 9/9 pm – get van, load van

Tuesday 9/10 – Denton TX Rubber Gloves RS w/ Akkolyte and Saraza CONFIRMED

Wednesday 9/11 St. Louis MO The Sinkhole possible hold/ miniBar KC MO 2nd hold with Shiny Jets

Thursday 9/12 Chicago IL The Owl with Spiral Galaxy, Sloshed CONFIRMED

Friday 9/13 Milwaukee WI with Vocokesh and Punk Guilt at Company Brewing CONFIRMED

Saturday 9/14 – Madison WI Bos Meadery hold

Sunday 9/15 – Galesburg IL The Box CONFIRMED

Monday 9/16 – Drive day – arrive back in Austin PM or early AM

Tuesday 9/17 – Bob back to work – return van

Ladies and Gentlemen…

…let us present our 539th show, opening for Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO at Barracuda this Friday, May the 3rd. here is the Facebook invite, for those of you that do the FB thang:
Like the cherry blossoms, AMT returns every spring to inject us all with some much-needed cosmic lifeblood. We hope to see you there. Rumors are flying that both ST and AMT will play their Twin Peaks numbers from the Self-Sabotage 12″ (hallo Ismael) and there may be some cross-pollination involved…!
Of course, we have a long-standing association with AMT and count them as good friends, from the time we first ran into them in Chicago back in 1999 to the first time we shared the stage at Terrastock in 2002 to our US/Canada tour in 2015, so we are looking forward to seeing them again with breathless anticipation.
We are also pleased as punch to announce that recording has finally begun on our next studio LP, to be entitled “Ballardesque”, and we’ll be at it here in May with two more sessions scheduled. We are also going to be contributing to a new Syd Barrett tribute LP entitled “Love You: A Tribute to Syd Barrett” from our friends in Italy at We’re not gonna spoil the party by revealing what track we’re doing, but if you show up at the AMT show, you’ll find out pretty quick!
yr pals at
ST 37
Look at the swell poster!
Flyer 5-3

Wings of Hope

Well, we had a great time at NASR and we sure had some interesting experiences hosting the Mighty Thunder Rider, Nik Turner. Matt and Mel supplied the majority of the hospitality and even managed a bit of jamming with Mr. Turner. Hmmm…Matt Turner and Nik Turner…time to 23andMe you guys, eh? So now we get to relax a bit and spend a Saturday night at home watching movies, as I am doing. So most of you who like our music are definitely familiar with Popol Vuh, those titans of Krautrock, eh? Well, if you’re like me (the bass player) you might’ve gotten into Popol Vuh through the films of the inimitable and amazing Werner Herzog. I saw his version of Nosferatu at the beloved River Oaks Theater in Houston in about 1978 and was instantly forever hooked. Recently I realized there were some gaps in my Herzog viewing history and resolved to close them. Right now I am 3/4 of the way through a great one that I missed, and felt compelled to tell the world about it. Have you seen Wings of Hope? This is an obscure one, a made for German TV film with a deep connection to “Aguirre” that had escaped my notice until now. Do yourself a favor, drop whatever it is you’re doing and watch it for free on youtube right now. Here ’tis:

No Popol Vuh in this one kids, just an absolutely amazing story of survival, tenacity and luck, told in the unique documentary stylee only Werner can provide. Pro tip just for youse guys.


Hi all –
     Another last-minute blog post to let you know that we are playing the North American Space Ritual tonight at Come and Take It Live. Here’s the schedule for tonight:
Third Ear 7pm
ST 37 8pm
Spaceseed 9.30pm
Ace of Spades 11pm
Ace of Spades is Alan Davey’s Motorhead tribute band. They play all classic-lineup (the power trio) Motorhead covers and are, in Alan’s words “the ONLY Motorhead tribute band authorized by Lemmy!” As Alan was the spiritual successor to Lemmy in Hawkwind, we think they’ll be pretty amazing. Come on out if you can! Cover is $15 and Come and Take It Live is the old Beauty Ballroom on Riverside Drive. Tomorrow night’s lineup is stellar also, featuring the new post -Lemmy version of HeadCat at Moonhawk with Alan, Nik Turner and Michael Moorcock making his final stage performance. We’ll be there!
yr pals at
ST 37


The Drought

A little glimpse of our Ballard project in the works – I just went through The Drought and put this collection of quotes together:

encompassing the fading skyline

the sounds of the lions baying among the dunes

the lines that once marked its boundaries

the film of cetyl alcohol

fingers feeling the blood-streaked neck of the peacock

No-one would attempt to rob him of so small a pool of water

We’re moving straight back into the past

mats of dried kelp to help keep out the cold

the embers of the burnt-out train sent their long plumes of smoke into the sky

his chipped, creamy voice

archaic minerals sealed behind glass cases




Barracuda 1/1

Hey you guys! We are excited about our Free Week show at Barracuda on the 1st! Come ring in the New Year with us. Here are the details:

Tuesday Evening 1/1/2019


611 E 7th St, Austin, Texas 78701


Fragile Rock 12:30a
Honey & Salt 11:30p
Tinnarose 10:30p
ST 37 9:30pm
Local Shadows 8:30p

Come out early for our long term pals in Local Shadows starring in a brand-new local supergroup: Justin Bankston (Winslow, Paper South, Futura, Promise Breakers etc.) plays bass along with James Alexander (My Education, Ultrasound, Cinders etc.) on viola and Mark Nathan, late of the Heartless Bastards, on guitar. Honey and Salt play a muscular brand of+ post-rock and prog, while Fragile Rock and their insane puppet wizardty are like nothing you’ve ever seen before – unless you’ve already seen them! Here’s the fab flyer:

Poster for 1-1