New 2x LP/CD! New T-Shirts!

Hi all!!
     Well, we’re back from tour safe and (mostly) sound. 10 shows in 11 days all over the Midwest. We had a great time and our expectations were surpassed. So now seemed to be a good time to let y’all know that the record is indeed officially out and available for ordering and we have plenty of our new T-shirts left over from the tour merch table.
     The record (double LP or CD or digital) is available for mail order from Big Cartel, and we’d love for you to order it from them, so we get credit for moving units! We’ll probably have it for sale sooner or later on our own Bandcamp page, and who knows, if demand indicates we may even make some cassettes, but for now, to order follow this link:
     And, we do have the new shirts available in two colors and many different sizes. The ladies’ shirts proved surprisingly popular on the road and are going fast, because they look so swanky:

angie small

And, since that image is backwards (Angie took it in the mirror!), here’s the men’s shirt (in purple):
shirt small

Shirts are $20 plus shipping and are available from us directly through Bandcamp here:

     Phew! Okay, school’s starting up again and we need some time off, so no shows for a while. We’ll be doing a special brunch event at the Yellow Jacket Social Club in Austin on the 28th of October and we’ll probably be playing the Saturnalia festival in November, looking down the road a bit.
Cheers y’all!
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ST 37

ST 37 Summer 2018 tour


ST 37 summer 2018 tour

1)Wed. 7/25 – ST 37 record release and  tour kickoff show @ Beerland w/ Lawnraker, How I Quit Crack, Polarizado

2)Thurs. 7/26 – Denton TX at the Backyard on Bell with Flesh Narc, Felt and Fur

3) Fri. 7/27 – the Deli, Norman OK with Helen Kelter Skelter

4) Sat. 7/28 – House Party at Amelia’s on the Mountainside –  Fayetteville AR

5) Sun. 7/29 – Iowa City IA – Gabe’s

6) Mon. 7/30 – Des Moines IA – Vaudeville Mews w/ the Goldblums, Jinnouichi Power

7) Tues. 7/31 – Cherry Street Pub –  Galesburg IL

8) Thurs. 8/2 – Chicago – The Owl with Spiral Galaxy Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave)’s new project + the Glyders

9) Fri. 8/3 – Kansas City MO – Minibar with Shiny Jets

10) Sat. 8/4 – Nashville TN at Betty’s with Cherry Blossoms

11) Sun. 8/5 -Lola’s Ft. Worth TX

Here’s what it’s looking like so far

ST 37 summer 2018 tour

1)Wed. 7/25 – ATX record release and  tour kickoff show @ Beerland w/ Lawnraker CONFIRMED

2)Thurs. 7/26 – Denton TX at the Backyard on Bell with Flesh Narc CONFIRMED

3) Fri. 7/27 – the Deli, Norman OK with Helen Kelter Skelter CONFIRMED

4) Sat. 7/28 – Private party –  Fayetteville AR

5) Sun. 7/29 – Iowa City IA – Gabe’s

6) Mon. 7/30 – Des Moines IA – Vaudeville Mews – hold

7) Tues. 7/31 – Cherry Street Pub –  Galesburg IL

Wed. 8/1 – Drive to Chicago – day off in Chicago

8) Thurs. 8/2 – Chicago – The Owl with Spiral Galaxy Steve Krakow (Plastic Crimewave)’s new project + the Glyders CONFIRMED

9) Fri. 8/3 – Kansas City MO – Minibar

10) Sat. 8/4 – Nashville TN at Betty’s with Cherry Blossoms, Holy Mountain Top Removers CONFIRMED

11) Sun. 8/5 -Lola’s Ft. Worth TX CONFIRMED

Mon. 8/6 drive day/return


Hey all you kids!

We have a show Friday night and it’s gonna be a doozy! Both stages at Cheer Up Charlies rocking all night long with all female drummers! Woo-hoo! Here’s the lineup:

9PM – The Spoils
10PM – Endless Sewer
11PM – Kay Odyssey
10:30PM – 3Radio Tiger
12AM – The Sophies
1AM – ST 37 
Hope to see you out and about. We’re touring from July 25th to August 5th up to Chicago and back to support the forthcoming new record, which is released 7/25 on Super Secret – more details on that soon!


June 15th poster.jpg

Abigail und Hansel – Forever Dance/River of Bees 7″ single

A+H jpg


Some of you may be unaware of the fact that there is a new Abigail und Hansel single (7”33rpm) that has made its way into the universe. This is truly tragic. For I am here to tell you that the cause of Abigail und Hansel is a just cause, a righteous cause, and a cause that few have championed until now. This record is a truly remarkable piece of plastic.

Abigail und Hansel is and has always been the core duo of Joel Crutcher and Michelle Waterman, with whatever side musicians they deem necessary to fulfill their aims. From their earliest efforts on cassette tape in the 90s, the pair have pursued an uncompromising acid-forward version of psychedelia that ranges widely from folk outings, country tinged numbers and blues-baked railroad songs to flat out space music and ethereal drone jams. Echoing her days in Minneapolis’s finest aliens, the Romulans, Waterman switches from vintage guitar and bass stylings to finely sung lyrics in her rich contralto voice. Crutcher, well-known for his scathing improvisatory guitar salvos in Tulum and ST 37, contributes the occasional pissed-off nasal vocal bit and also adds touches of slide guitar, lap steel, drone effects and whatever else serves the songs.

The lineup represented on their current 7”45, their first vinyl offering after decades of cassettes and CDs, is perhaps their finest yet. Julia Hungerford builds drum patterns par excellence and has been their rhythmic backbone for several years now. On trumpet, the late, lamented Leonard Smith adds washes of delayed horn to the mix, tastefully playing only when needed. Bob Bechtol brings synthetic atmosphere to the proceedings with electronic winds of change and burbling brooks. The new single opens with Forever Dance, a nice little gaze at death that starts off sweetly and gently but builds to a towering climax of sturm und drang that explodes into darkness. Bechtol echoes his ST 37 predecessor and Joel’s brother Carlton Crutcher with some deft analog sequencing while the lyrics pay homage to “In the Shadows” from the Stranglers’ seminal Black and White LP, a song that has become all too relevant in the modern age. Finally, at the end of the improvisatory section, the exhausted song lumbers to a climax with the sounds of things falling apart – machines breaking down and collapsing in heaps of dust at the side of the road. It’s an exhilarating listen, strangely enough.

The B-side is River of Bees, based on the poem by the American antiwar poet WS Merwin, a recording of which plays in the background of the largely drumless song. Michelle plays a determined, insistent chording that reinforces the rhythm of the poem as Joel, Leonard and Bob drift off into deep interstellar reaches. The poem gets increasingly distorted and delayed as the music gets sparser towards the end, recalling some of Charalambides’ finer moments. The relevant lines here are really the end of the piece:

On the door it says what to do to survive

But we were not born to survive

Only to live


I think this is the crux of Abigail und Hansel’s continued existence – like so many artists, great and otherwise, they do what they do because they have to do it, not because they want to. It’s an urge, a compulsion, something inside them that has to get out – let’s face it, if they were doing it for the attention, the fame or the money, they would have quit a long time ago. In a way, they do create music as a survival mechanism – but it has become a way of life, a means to an end.

We is high class! + NEW ALBUM!

Hi all!
     We’ve been getting into the craft cocktail action lately, so it is with great pleasure that we announce to you that we have a show at one of Austins finest craft cocktail bars, the Townsend, Thursday night. Annnnnnd – it’s a very special show! 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Spaceage, our 1998 LP + 7″ EP/CD that many folks consider to be one of our best, and the record that spawned “Heather Catherine Tallchief”, one of our most enduring and most-requested songs. So – we have booked two shows, one in Austin and one in Houston, to commemorate the occasion. We’ll be playing an all-Spaceage set both at Townsend Thursday May 24th and a Rudyard’s in Space City on June 2. Here’s the deets:
Thursday May 24th
ATX 78701
Doors 8pm
8.30ish: Free Electricity
9.30ish: ST 37
$10 advance tickets available now:
     Not only does the Townsend have some of the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted, it is a swank joint indeed – no dive bar here, folks. The front of the bar looks like a fine library from a comfortable mansion, and the back room is a black box theater with fantastic acoustics that is a listening room par excellence. Free Electricity contains our buddy Brian DiFrank, who runs the fantastic high end audio store Whetsone Audio and has purveyed his distinctive drum stylings in many bands that we have been pleased to be associated with, including the Devil Bat and the Promise Breakers.
More on the Houston show next week.
     In other big big news – we have received advance copies of the new album! It is eponymously titeld and will officially be released July 25th at Beerland, and this show will serve as both our record release bash and tour kickoff party, as we embark on a Midwestern jaunt up to Chicago and back from July 26th to August 6th. Tour! New record! School’s almost out! Yippee!!
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ST 37