Scotty’s Magical Bike Rides, part one

So I decided, in a desperate attempt to:

a) get some exercise

b) have another creative project to work on during the pandemic and

c) wax nostalgic about the ridiculously long time I have lived in Austin

– – – ride my bike from my current abode in South Austin to all of the 17 different places I have lived in the ATX. I’ll post a few of them every now and then as I get inspired. I really don’t ever take selfies, but I decided to do one after I reached each destination.

Stop One. Jester East dormitory. Monday 10/19/2020. Now that I think about it, almost exactly a year after we (my education) were out recording at Sonic Ranch. I have a lot of very vivid memories of Jester East, definitely the poor red-headed stepchild of Jester West. HAS ITS OWN ZIP CODE! Etc. Our room looked right out over the athlete’s cafeteria, which smelled like it had much better food than ours, and there were many rumors of the fantastic all you can eat steak and shrimp dinners they had in there…

Of course they wouldn’t let me in there anywhere near rm. 316, the abode of myself and Jim Sweeney for the 1980-81 school year. Unsurprisingly. So I had to settle for this pic right outside the entrance to East. So many memories there. Ask me about the bedbugs and the closet pot farm.

Bike did pretty well. Out of shape me had to walk up a few hills on the way back.

(blue circle) comp, etc


We have a previously unreleased track on the brand spankin’ new (blue circle) CD compilation from the fine folks at Dub Ditch Picnic Records. It’s our version of Deathtrap by Hawkwind, from the classic Calvert era. This is an early live recording done at one of Clay Brown’s (Puffy Brutha Man, Bug Wonders, etc) End of School Band-O-Rama shows, this one at Club Saigon, the short lived quasi-successor to Dong Huong, in summer 1989. It’s pretty stonking, which is why we picked it. A bunch of the comp is ST 37 related material – lots of old friends going back to a Vast Majority track that was recorded in 1979! You can pm us for a copy or buy it on Bandcamp here:

Looks pretty cool too:

Hope all you guys out there are staying safe, living through this unprecedented event. We’ll have another new track (and it’s also a cover tune) on the forthcoming Really Red tribute record Teaching You the Fear Again. Our track is about the late Walter Wolff, and it’s called Pigboy. Joel did a great video for it that features lip=syncing for the first time ever in an ST 37 video! Check it out here:

The Really Red comp can be preordered here – check it out the, lineup is anazing!

We’ve been working whenever we can stay safe and distanced in the studio and at home on tracks for the Ballard record and for our new single, which we hope to finish on Thursday. It’s called Over and Over Again and it’s about repetition, repetition, repetition. We’re gonna try to have a socially distanced outdoor rehearsal on July 25th out in Cedar Creek. Should be interesting. We’ll keep you posted.

PS: Oh, and you’ll love this, it’ll put a smile on your face. Our friends Civil Audio Service just covered Stack Collision With Heap and made a great video for it!



Your bass player reporting here; since Wendy and I were exposed to a coupla Swallow the Rat (great band, you should check them out) members who tested positive upon their return to NZ last week, we have been in more or less total isolation this week and will be til late next week. We are both fine – no symptoms. Of course the AMT tour has been cancelled along with everything else. We hope to be able to do it in Feb.-Mar. 2021. I have been far from bored; in fact, I realized today that I have been concurrently working on six different musical projects! To wit:

  1. Of course, work continues on the new ST 37 album “Ballardesque”: a) Joel is working on getting the multitrack masters from our pal and engineer Evan Kleinecke so we can continue doing overdubs in isolation b) I have been steadily working on writing and demoing bass parts for the Volodymyr Bilyk penned string parts that James Alexander played and Chico Jones recorded for us for the “Love: A Printout for Claire Churchill” piece c) I have been working in collaboration with Volodymyr to finish the lyrics for “Concentration City” d) I am rereading “Crash” and have picked out a piece to read as part of the backing track Matt Turner and I are working on for his contribution to the record, our version of the Quttinirpaaq piece “Black Moses” that is now called “Crash!” after the BBC/Ballard television film that stars JG and Gabrielle Drake, Nick’s sister (it is so great, you really need to see it:
  2. Sound Mass 2019 nears completion – after extensive listening, rating, annotating and ranking by both My Education and Theta Naught, the music we recorded during SXSW 2019 has been edited and mixed. Ryan Stanfield and Hyrum Summerhays in SLC have really taken the lead on this one.
  3. Vast Majority 2015 is in the works – the three shows and several rehearsals that the reformed new version of VM did in January and February of 2015 to promote the Rave Up Records Italian vinyl release of the VM ouevre have been ransacked to produce a refreshingly short record of our own. It’ll be great, trust me. Slower but better. Who wants to release physical copies for us? Perfect LP length – it’ll be about 33 minutes long – like a Ramones album!
  4. Work continues apace on the My Education record we began at Sonic Ranch in October of 2019. We just recorded some amazing wordless vocals by Amanda Hickey, an absolutely phenomenal singer, and I’ve been working on my bass parts for some overdub ideas.
  5. Now that Chris Jacques has recovered from his surgery, the (blue circle) compilation on Dub Ditch Picnic is back on the front burner. We are working on the track listings, artwork, credits and sequencing now.
  6. Got a new keyboard and a new chorus pedal and Wendy and I are working towards recording a new Marimba Fury piece centered around a two keyboard drone in G.

This is a profoundly weird and tough time. I am so glad to have all this exciting stuff to work on. I am a very lucky man. Oh, and the Coz the Shroom LP that Matt and I co-released is out. You should really hear it. Shoot us an email if you’d like one.


Coz the Shroom LP release and Hoot Night etc.

Hey you guys –
We are touring the US in April and May with AMT. but this upcoming local show is a pretty big deal for us, to wit:
Carousel Lounge ATX
Thursday March 12th
(blue circle), Rural Isolation Project and Cruxshyanx Music are proud to offer you “Bum Henry Adams and Craig Stewart’s Prince”, the first ever full-length vinyl LP release from longtime cassette underground genius and former ATX mainstay Coz the Shroom! Limited to 200 hand silk-screened and numbered copies, the tracks (from cassettes Coz issued between 1986 and 1989) were curated by Craig Stewart and planned for release on Emperor Jones initially in the 90s. Better late then never, we say, and present the record along with a number of ATX musos performing Coz’s songs LIVE! Coz himself, or at least his peripheral, is expected to Skype in from his current home in Alamogordo, NM to contribute a song or two to the proceedings. Featured performers will include:
(Doors 7 pm)

Seven Inch Stitch 7.30 pm
Ignatius Telles 8.00 pm
Marimba Fury 8.20 pm
Cinders Ensemble 8.30 pm
Qatar 9 PM
Qatar with Chris Hackstie (my education) 9.20 pm
Abigail und Hansel 9.30 pm
ST 37 10.00 pm
Coz the Shroom Skype-in appearance 10.30 pm
The Concerned 11pm

***Bob Bechtol will be strolling the crowd at selected points during the evening performing their versions of cover songs that Coz recorded
***DJ Moray Eeels will be spinning their favorite Coz the Shroom selections throughout the evening
***LPs will be on sale for $12 at the venue with all proceeds going to Coz and his family.

To understand the impetus behind the project, more info below (from the LP liner notes):

Coz the Shroom


(blue circle) GI 108

Rural Isolation Project RIP 005

      This record is a tribute to the genius of two remarkable individuals: Coz the Shroom and Craig Stewart. Of course, the songs are pure Coz, but the concept and impetus behind the project came purely from Craig.

     Craig Stewart and I have both been huge Coz the Shroom fans from way back. As far as cassette underground Austin TX  1980s-90s weirdos went, Coz and Daniel Johnston were leaders of the pack. Daniel got all the acclaim, however, and Coz remained (for the most part) defiantly obscure. Coz, like Daniel, was prolific, and his output soon outpaced our ability to keep up. My own label, (currently (blue circle), then known as SPASMS Cassettes), attempted to help out both artists by issuing a Coz cassette (Instant Osmosis) (CZ 46, 1988) and, as a benefit effort with Daniel’s permission, a Johnston reissue (Yip/Jump Music) (SPASMS 1992).

     Craig seized upon the idea of issuing a Coz The Shroom “best of“ compilation on his label Emperor Jones. He got with me, and we exchanged dupes, dubs and burns of our burgeoning Coz collections, digitizing the covers and duly noting the track listings as we progressed, but it soon became evident that the task was beyond our scope. Coz just kept releasing more and more material, we kept getting behind, and we got distracted with brutal reality…

     So, finally, here in 2020, Craig and I, along with the essential and invaluable assistance of Matt Turner of Rural Isolation Project and Quttinirpaaq, attempt to present to you the fruits of our efforts. Matt and I decided the world could use a Coz the Shroom LP, as he has innumerable cassettes, CDs and a few 7” singles, but never a proper licorice pizza. Craig painstakingly listened and re-listened to a number of Coz releases, as did I. Craig made extensive notes on everything he listened to. He graded everything on a scale of 1 -10. I took the top-rated tracks and selected them for this compilation. Consider this a retrospective of Coz’s early years, specifically, the six cassettes that Craig’s surviving notes covered, which were:

Rocketship Rolter –  early 1987

Destroy All Monsters –  mid 1987

Bride of Mars; or, These Are the Last Days of Doc Vomit and the Shithead Gang on Earth –   later 1987

Instant Osmosis –  earlier 1988

Throat Gorge –  later 1988

A Ghoul in a Gum Factory –  late 1989

The Blood Gusher –  later 1989

  The one exception is “Tiger Bay”, which I chose to replace Craig’s original selection of “Go Insane”, from “Rocketship Rolter”, because the songs are essentially identical except for the lyrics, and I selfishly believe the version I released on “Instant Osmosis” is better! (Liner notes: SL Telles)

All tracks written by Coz the Shroom and copyright Cruxshyanx Music. This compilation copyright (blue circle/Rural Isolation Project/Cruxshyanx Music 2020.

Side A)

1) I hate my heart     2.58

2) Destroy all monsters     3.35

3) Rock and smoke     3.25

4) Devo Freevow     2.21

5) Decorator tornado     3.01

6) Mole men from Mars     2.03

7) Jackie     5.03

Side B

8) Badseas ballet     2.14

9) Hoverin’ light     1.37

10) Lovers don’t ever go home     4.20

11) The love gusher/Robot martyr     2.58

12) Chris    2.00

13) Leatherface     0.43

14) Rosewood     4.34

15) Tiger Bay     3.12

Recorded by Coz at home in the years specified above.

Assembled and compiled by Craig Stewart, SL Telles and Matthew Turner

Mastered by Dylan Cameron

Labels designed by

Package design by Wendy Ryan


(blue circle):  Rural Isolation Project:

Coz the Shroom/Cruxshyanx Music:

Limited Edition – First Pressing – #__________ of 200
Hope to see you there, and if you’ve read this far, mention the code word HECTOR to me for a free LP!
yer pals at
ST 37