1987billygoat nothinghead cassette EP (blue circle)

1988Remember King Trash and Egg People, on the compilation cassette: The Polyp Explodes (Deadline)
Sucking on the Family Titon the compilation cassette: Coalescence (Mojo

1988Umma Godda Davida, on the compilation cassette: Pleasureland (Flying Squirrel)

1988feature silica vicarious cassette/LP (blue circle)

1989dimensions give quiet (imaginary soundtracks) cassette/LP (blue circle)

1989from space w/love cassette/LP (blue circle)

1989 Merlin Olsen’s Crippled Mystical Benefactor, on the compilation cassette: Pleasureland Revisited (Flying Squirrel)

1989Snootle Y Choobson the compilation cassette: Gajoob #7 Sampler #6 (Gajoob)

1990Retz (the capital of Venus), on the compilation LP: From twisted minds come… (Noiseville)

1991 Look at yr chair b/w Pumpkinface 7″ single (Over and Out)

1992The Invisible College CD (Over and Out)

1993 – Taboo Down Under b/w Hoodoo Woman 7″ single (Noiseville)

1994New Arrival, on the compilation double CD: America the Beautiful (RRR)

1994 No Magic Bullets; My Penis (LA Riots), on the double cassette compilation: 1-800-AMERICA (RRR)

1994The Gypsy’s Curse b/w Crab Nebula 7″ single
1994John Deere Isolation Tank 101 min. cassette  (blue circle)

1995 Glare double LP (Helter Skelter/Prospective/Electric Jug)

1995The Watcher, on the compilation  CD/double LP: Assassins of Silence – Hundred Watt Violence (Ceres)

1995 Speed of life, on the compilation CD: Only Bowie (Only Boy)

1996Thank God It’s Not Christmas, on the compilation cassette: Turn Me On, Dead Man (Egg & Anvil)
derobe, split LP with Vocokesh (RRR)
Spaceage CD and LP (Black Widow)
Hallohero (live), on the compilation CD: Weedstock Vol. 1 (FishEye)

1999The Secret Society LP  (Lost)

1999Remains Kickbit, on the compilation CD: Noise Kills Punk Dead (Opulence)

1999Oh My, Goddammn (live), on compilation CD-R: Hawk US Time & Space  Strange Days ’98

2000I love to talk…if there’s anything to talk about… CD  (Emperor)

2000Translunar Injection; New Arrival, live tracks on the  compilation CD: Strange Daze ’97 (Pangea)

2000 Nicht Jetzt, on the compilation CD: Live from the Devil’s Triangle Vol. 2 (KFJC)

2000Hey (Eternity Started Awhile Ago); Sweet Thought, on Pip Proud’s CD: Oncer (Emperor Jones)

2000Concrete Island, on the compilation CD: Children of Black Widow (Black Widow)

2001Frantic Search for Zero CD-R  (blue circle)

2001Good Time, on Pip Proud’s CD “A Yellow Flower” (Emperor Jones)

2002Nunavut double CD-R (blue circle)

2002ST 37 appear on five tracks on Spirits Burning’s CD: Reflections In a Radio Shower (Gazul/Musea)

2002   Discorporate, live radio broadcast track on the WFMU compilation CD: Don’t Shoot the Toy Piano Player (WFMU)

2002No Tourniquet For Love, on the Lisa Suckdog tribute compilation: Beasts of the Night Gather Together (Nutmusic)

2002A Huge, Rare Cheese, on the 2002 Touch and Go/Quarterstick sampler (Touch and Go)

2002 Down On Us CD (Emperor Jones)

2002 – Cloud/cattle, on the compilation CD: POT 32 for issue #32 of Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine

2002 – Darkness In Tabriz, (featuring Coz the Shroom) on the compilation CD: What!?! Are You On Drugs!?! (Ant Lunch Musick

2003 The Pursuit of Maria,  on the science fiction movie music compilation: Not of This Earth (Black Widow)  3xCD/4xLP box

2003 No Man’s Land track on the Syd Barrett tribute compilation: Let’s Try It Another Way from the Laughing Madcaps/TexasPsych group

2003from space w/ love CD-R -newly remixed and remastered at Sweatbox
Studios by SL 
Telles and Bryan Nelson (reissue w/ bonus track of the 1989 cassette LP)

2003 Birds’d Crash, on the Fleece Sampler 2003 promo compilation CD-R

2003You’ll Die In a Car Crash, on the compilation CD: Free & Freaky  from Zoopa Loopazine

2003Orgone Accumulator,on the Hawkwind tribute 2xCD: Daze of the Underground (Godreah)

2003 – 10 seconds of Syd Barrett’s Vegetable Man, on 10″ EP: The Vegetable Man 10″ Project (Oggetti Volanti)

2004 The Insect Hospital  CD/double LP (Black Widow)

2004Vegetable Man  on  the  CD:  The Vegetable Man Project, Vol. 2 (Oggetti Volanti)

2004ST37 Live 2003 CDR (blue circle)

2004Destiny 2xCDR limited edition (blue circle)

2005They time (edit) on the 2xCD compilation Hall of Mirrors (Emperor Jones) (released 1/25/04)

2005Chromosome Damage on the Chrome Tribute CD: You’ve Been Duplicated: Chrome to Disc in the Cyberage (Aktivator)

2005Burn the Witch/Love Theme (Finale) on the compilation CD Psytrax 1 (Psytrax)

2005Future Memories CD – (Four Four Records)

2006Vicarious Billygoat CDR (blue circle)

2006Cold Night for Alligators, Birds’d Crash, and Roller Coaster on the compilation CDR The Interpreters (Texas Psych Group)
2007 – and then what LP (Noiseville)
2007Future Memories and Alpha Harmony on the Spirits Burning 2xLP and CD Alien Injection (Black Widow)
2008and then what limited edition CDR (Reverb Worship)
2009Drive-By Poetry (Double Shot Mix) on the Spirits Burning CD Our Best Trips 1998 – 2008 (Voiceprint)
2009High and Inside limited tour prerelease edition CD (blue circle)
2010Lactating Purple b/w Monster (by the Linus Pauling Quartet) split 7 45 (blue circle)
2010High and Inside CD (blue circle)
2010Lay My Love on the compilation LP Garden of Eno(Lost Worldwide)
2011KBDP 3″CD (Kendra Steiner Editions)
2012Awkward Moments CD (Reverb Worship)
2012 Just You on The Vanity Case Reality Tunnel Vol. 2 (The Carnival Is Over) compilation CD (Vanity Case)
2012German Verman on the digital compilation For Lee Jackson In Space (Bandcamp)
2013Marina on the compilation CD Conspiracy A-Go-Go (turnmeondeadman.com)
2014History of Wah on the digital compilation Friends of Danna
2015 – I’m Not Good CD (Cleopatra) and cassette (GoJohnnyGo)
2016It’s Chickie Time CDR/cassette/digital (Reverb Worship/(blue circle)/Bandcamp), respectively
2016 – Glare 2xLP remastered and reissued on CD, cassette and digital formats (GoJohnnyGo/Bandcamp), respectively
2016The ‘In’ Crowd on the compilation six CD box set Space Rock: An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide (Cleopatra)
2017 – I’m Not Good 2xLP and digital (Yoshiwara Collective/Pariah Child)
2017Grey Area (Shona comp mix) track on the Shonastock 2017 digital compilation “Live Free or Die” (Bandcamp)
2017Just You/Sycamore Trees split 12″ 45 and digital with Acid Mothers Temple (Super Secret/Self Sabotage)
2017Fuck You, You Rule: ST 37’s Greatest “Hits” limited CD and digital (blue circle)
2018ST 37 2xLP/CD/digital (Super Secret)
2020Pig Boy on “Teaching You The Fear (Again) the Really Red tribute LP/CD/digital (CIA)
Baby Lemonade on“Love You”, the 2xCD/digital Syd Barrett compilation (Gonzo Worldwide)
2021Over And Over And Over Again cassette/CD/digital (Pariah Child)

2022 – Fight Machine (live) on the CIA records compilation Manifestation X


In The Year 2015, We Are Still Alive split cassette/digital with Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO

Ballardesque LP/CD