Scotty’s Magical Bike Rides pt. 7

Stop #7, December 2021, 1313 Chouquette, ATX 78757

So, yeah, wow, longest hiatus on this project yet, cuz it was just so daunting to bike this far north. Actually started to do it a coupla months back, but turned back after UT for fear of darkness. I have not yet bought a headlamp for the bike. Finally got an early start, tried to get on to the Shoal Creek hike n bike trail. Had no problems whatsoever getting on this trail on the last ride up to Jefferson, but for some reason could not manage it this time. Memory faults, poor signage, corn-fusion etc…lol. Eventually (finally) got going… did pretty well all the way up into the wilds of NW Austin. This is definitely the furthest north for these rides so far and may be the longest til the finale at Vanderbilt.

Crossing Lamar on the way to the pedestrian bridge, I did see this highly interesting Austin sight…

I didn’t live at 1313 Chouquette very long and to tell you the truth I don’t really remember that much about it, as I was still spending most of my time at my then girlfriend Betti Powell’s house down in Hyde Park.

On the way east to the trail, I did spot this unique sight…

However, the magnificent carport lined with Astroturf was a distinguishing attribute.

I do have semi-vivid memories of an after party we (I believe the room-mate lineup was still myself, Leigh Newsom and Ray Kordsiemon at this point) had for some show or another, at which we were graced by the presence of none other than David Wm. Sims of Scratch Acid etc. fame and his then g/f Kristi Sanders, who was a magnificent and beautiful Cinderella Goth wonder woman. She played violin on “Owner’s Lament”, hellz yasssss.. I distinctly recall Sims and I having a debate about the Stranglers, in which he insisted that Feline was the moment it all went bad (I disagreed, and I just bought “Norfolk Coast” last week, and I continue to be suitably chagrinned despite their earlier transgressions), and his insistence on playing Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”, which, he assured me, was one of the better LPs I had in my collection.

Once again I was stymied by the hike n’ bike trail’s closure along Shoal Creek before 29th. Sad. This would really be a pretty great route altogether but…well…yeah….north of 29th for a while there it really does get too hairy for bikes…too little headroom and no room to share the trail. Got it all under control and then it was just a marathon heading up Woodrow. On the way up Woodrow I spotted a street that spells bad news for complaining white women asking for managers…

Had a little bit easier time getting back to the hike n bike trail on the way home, paused to snap this shot, birds issuing compositions for the moon…

Probably 96 Tears

After this period, I broke up with Betti and my life really went to shit for a while. I was pretty much at my lowest ebb, but luckily I had friends to rescue me…

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