Progress report

Really pleased to announce that the bass player has finally come up with a decent arrangement for “Concentration City”, the final piece in the “Ballardesque” puzzle. It has probably been influenced by our attempt to cover “Bombing Nightclubs” by Nikki Texas and Erika Thrasher, aka Indian Jewelry aka Studded Left aka Pleasure 2 (Favorite bands, absolutely essential):

That, and the simple fact that Wendy and I have played “Suffragette City” about a thousand times –

to rehearse for this David Bowie/Elvis Presley hoot night that Jason Morris/Hotel Vegas did during Free Week on Jan. 8. We also played Rebel Rebel, Moonage Daydream…and…wait for it…the song I was by far the most enthused about playing, one of my favorite Bowie songs ever as well as Robert Smith’s, all the way from 1971’s “Hunky Dory”…”Quicksand”. Yes, Virginia, there are other songs that namecheck Crowley, Churchill and Himmler, albeit separately, but none reach the heights of this sublimely depressing yet somehow uplifting 12-string goth fest. When you consider that basically the only even slightly positive statement in the lyric is “Knowledge comes with death’s relief”, it casts a new light on David’s immortal question “Should I kiss the viper’s fang, or herald loud the death of man…?”

I dunno about you, but kissing the viper’s fang seems like a pretty bad idea to me. Wendy and I (um, the bass player) wish to express our supreme adoration for our compadres Taylor, Aric, Jesse and Michael for helping us to rock out and whip the crowd into a reasonable facsimile of a frenzy. Even if you didn’t write ’em, there is nothing quite like seeing the crowd all singing along with the words of the song you are playing. There was even some above-the-head hype-person type hand-clapping from Wen and I during Rebel Rebel, a wonderful song which enabled us to do this type of difficult crowd-encouraging audience participation by the simple virtue of basically consisting of only two notes, D and E.

You wanna hear the demo of EITHER Concentration City or our one and only attempt to record “Bombing Nightclubs? Respond to this post and ask, and I’ll post them somewhere.

Oh! And almost everything is back in stock in the store, and we have a show at Yeast By Sweet Beast on March 12th. Hopefully things will be a little bit more “normal” then.

Justin Waters, aka God, at the AMT US online Shopzone has also started carrying some ST 37 and My Education and other ATX related materials at the official US Acid Mothers Temple mail order website in preparation for the 2023 tour, which will feature ST 37 and My Education splitting opening duties for AMT at different cities on the tour. We are thinking and hoping that Detroit could be the city where all 3 bands will play together for one night only. Look out Motor City!!!! Please buy some stuff here so we can go to camp:

Then again, 2023 sure is a long way off, eh? There may be a fish in the percolator, and we all know the owls are not what they seen. It could occur. Stranger things have happened. We’ll see you in the sycamore trees.


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