booking etc.

Well, the tour in September/October went pretty well, especially the Vocokesh show. More on that later. The big news now:

Saturday 11/30 at the Parlor with The Groop and It’s a Deathtrap – a rare matinee show at the Parlor on North Loop! Awl-Right!

Saturday 1/18 in San Antonio at the Mix! Woo hoo! With Ship-To-City! Awl-Right! Our first show in SA since 2017!

In other news, we just recorded a pretty fucking unique and  cool version of Really Red’s “Pigboy”, about our late, lamented friend Walter Wolff, for the forthcoming Really Red tribute record organized by Bud Horne of Jesus Christ Superfly etc., Jim Craine (AK 47) and Bob Weber (Really Red’s drummer/percussionist and all around sweetheart) along with a cast of thousands… with the inimitable Cris Burns of the Pocket FishRmen (our birth brethren from Dong Huong in 1987) at Ameripolitan Studios:


so there’s that…

Did we already tell you about the Baby Lemonade cover…?  Oh, mostly…!!

Ballardesque continues apace. We have an edited 18.30 version of Love: A Printout that I (Your Humble Bass Player) am wrestling with. Chico Jones and I edited it down from the 38 minute original, which, despite the valiant efforts of violist James Alexander, was thought to be too long to be manageable. The rough mixes sound great!

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