Tour update, local shows, etc.


We have shows, yes!…local(ish) shows coming up as we ramp up for the AMT tour. The Parlor matinee 11/30 was a HUGE success, we played our Really Red song (“Pigboy”, RIP Walter Wolff) for the first time live, people seemed to like it, etc….we had just recorded it with our old fren Cris Burns at Ameripolitan Studios for the Really Red tribute comp, our new fren Bud Horne, who is one of the folks organizing this massive endeavor, was there at the studio as well…so now, not resting on our laurels, we hobble, like the old men we are…over to the East Side…to the Lost Well…where people really appreciate you! They don’t care where you are from or how much money you have…no sir…they just love ya…unconditionally…We are playing Saturday February the 8th 2020! With our old friends WATA…We ARE the Asteroid! And our new friends the Bridgefarmers…it’s later this time…take a nap, you’ll live…all this whizzing and banging in my head, I tell ya…! Ouch! Where were you in the Big One? Not even a gleam in your mama’s eye, I suppose…so them we play again! On a day that only arrives every four years, and then is cancelled every 100 years! Absurd! Inconceivable! Leap Year Day! February 29th! I shit you not! Mainly just so we can go hang out with the magnificent Erin O’Donnel, we are gonna play the Carousel Lounge on that Sat.…the Baby Robots will also play…Sean Morales and his band in some form or other will also play…I’ll try to get Mel to DJ…maybe Wendy will show up…I’m just a poor retired country doctor, what do I know…we thought the Maginot Line would protect us…!…After that, we’ll probably take a break for a while, until we join the Acid Mothers tour, as detailed below.

AMT 2020 Square 01


So…as you can see…we are doing the last half of the tour. Starting in Detroit, we visit our East Coast and Canadian brethren  etc. etc. beginning April 27th…the bass player’s other band, My Education, is doing the first half of the tour…ISN’T THAT CONVENIENT!!!… We can even provide you with ticket links, they are located here:

Acid Mothers Temple – Ticket Links – 12.10.19

OK! OK! Buh-bye! More soon! Mwah!

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