Pecan St. Festival 2017

Hey you guys!
   Just a quick note to let you know we’re playing the Pecan Street Festival here in Austin this coming Sunday, 9/24. We’ve played this unique, FREE festival before, but we’ve gotta tell you, never before have we played on a Pecan St. Fest lineup as cool as this one. On the Red River Stage on Sunday afternoon, check out this schedule:
12 noon:  Cinders
1.10pm:  Abigail und Hansel
2.20 pm: ST 37
3.45 pm:  Baby Robots
4.55 pm: Golden Boys
6.10 pm:  Kay Odyssey
     The connections in this lineup are myriad! Cinders contains Kirk Laktas and James Alexander of My Education, which also contains Scott Telles of ST 37. Abigail und Hansel contains Joel Crutcher and Bob Bechtol of ST 37. Baby Robots contains Bobby Baker of ST 37, Chris Hackstie of My Education, and Chris Laurel, who drummed on the last My Education tour. ST 37 is now on Super Secret/Self Sabotage records, which is also the home of John Wesley Coleman III, the front man of Golden Boys. Virginia Meza, drummer of Kay Odyssey, used to play drums for Lisa Cameron of ST 37’s old band the Devil Bat. In sum, this lineup is total ST 37 fam, and it’s gonna rock all day long! We’ve attached the poster below for your convenience. We hope to see you there.
     In other news, we’ve finished mixing the new double LP and are entering the mastering stage in October.
yr pals at
ST 37
This one

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