New 2x LP/CD! New T-Shirts!

Hi all!!
     Well, we’re back from tour safe and (mostly) sound. 10 shows in 11 days all over the Midwest. We had a great time and our expectations were surpassed. So now seemed to be a good time to let y’all know that the record is indeed officially out and available for ordering and we have plenty of our new T-shirts left over from the tour merch table.
     The record (double LP or CD or digital) is available for mail order from Big Cartel, and we’d love for you to order it from them, so we get credit for moving units! We’ll probably have it for sale sooner or later on our own Bandcamp page, and who knows, if demand indicates we may even make some cassettes, but for now, to order follow this link:
     And, we do have the new shirts available in two colors and many different sizes. The ladies’ shirts proved surprisingly popular on the road and are going fast, because they look so swanky:

angie small

And, since that image is backwards (Angie took it in the mirror!), here’s the men’s shirt (in purple):
shirt small

Shirts are $20 plus shipping and are available from us directly through Bandcamp here:

     Phew! Okay, school’s starting up again and we need some time off, so no shows for a while. We’ll be doing a special brunch event at the Yellow Jacket Social Club in Austin on the 28th of October and we’ll probably be playing the Saturnalia festival in November, looking down the road a bit.
Cheers y’all!
yer pals in
ST 37

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