Free Week Show! Stuff and things!

Hi all –

Looooooonnnng time since our last update – appy polly loggies to all. We have not been idle – we’ve played a buncha local shows, numbered properly in our seemingly endless chronology:

532) Sun. 10/28 Psychedelic Brunch at the Yellow Jacket Social Club

533) Saturnalia Fest 2018 at Sahara Lounge Nov. 16-18 2018

534) TV show taping for Casual Bandage 11/26/18:

…annnnd- – -we’ve booked two more: we’ll be playing a Free Week show at Barracuda on New Year’s Day 2019 evening and we’re playing the North American Space Ritual fest at Come and Take It Live celebrating 50 years of Hawkwind with Michael Moorcock, Alan Davey and Nik Turner as well as many others on March 29-30 2019.

We also have been working on new material and will be re-entering the studio shortly. We’ve decided that the new album is going to be a concept record based on the work of JG Ballard (“War Fever” from the last record was kinda our trailer for the project…!) and we’ve decided it will be entitled “Ballardesque”. Already pretty much ready to go, for you Ballard fans, are pieces based on the short story “The Singing Statues”, the novel “The Drought” (aka the revised/extended version of “The Burning World”) and the text experiment “Love (A Printout for Claire Churchill)”. We’re meeting to discuss the project 12/12 and recording will begin early in the new year. It’s gonna be a long process though – so two of the other songs we’ll be recording are earmarked for release sooner in the form of a single or compilation tracks, we shall see.

Still have T-shirts left from the tour – if you’d still like one, let’s barter, contact us. Does anybody actually read these things? If you’ve made it this far, email us for a free gift. Oh, and here’s a swell poster to distract you:

Yellow Jacket Poster



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