Wings of Hope

Well, we had a great time at NASR and we sure had some interesting experiences hosting the Mighty Thunder Rider, Nik Turner. Matt and Mel supplied the majority of the hospitality and even managed a bit of jamming with Mr. Turner. Hmmm…Matt Turner and Nik Turner…time to 23andMe you guys, eh? So now we get to relax a bit and spend a Saturday night at home watching movies, as I am doing. So most of you who like our music are definitely familiar with Popol Vuh, those titans of Krautrock, eh? Well, if you’re like me (the bass player) you might’ve gotten into Popol Vuh through the films of the inimitable and amazing Werner Herzog. I saw his version of Nosferatu at the beloved River Oaks Theater in Houston in about 1978 and was instantly forever hooked. Recently I realized there were some gaps in my Herzog viewing history and resolved to close them. Right now I am 3/4 of the way through a great one that I missed, and felt compelled to tell the world about it. Have you seen Wings of Hope? This is an obscure one, a made for German TV film with a deep connection to “Aguirre” that had escaped my notice until now. Do yourself a favor, drop whatever it is you’re doing and watch it for free on youtube right now. Here ’tis:

No Popol Vuh in this one kids, just an absolutely amazing story of survival, tenacity and luck, told in the unique documentary stylee only Werner can provide. Pro tip just for youse guys.

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