Ladies and Gentlemen…

…let us present our 539th show, opening for Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO at Barracuda this Friday, May the 3rd. here is the Facebook invite, for those of you that do the FB thang:
Like the cherry blossoms, AMT returns every spring to inject us all with some much-needed cosmic lifeblood. We hope to see you there. Rumors are flying that both ST and AMT will play their Twin Peaks numbers from the Self-Sabotage 12″ (hallo Ismael) and there may be some cross-pollination involved…!
Of course, we have a long-standing association with AMT and count them as good friends, from the time we first ran into them in Chicago back in 1999 to the first time we shared the stage at Terrastock in 2002 to our US/Canada tour in 2015, so we are looking forward to seeing them again with breathless anticipation.
We are also pleased as punch to announce that recording has finally begun on our next studio LP, to be entitled “Ballardesque”, and we’ll be at it here in May with two more sessions scheduled. We are also going to be contributing to a new Syd Barrett tribute LP entitled “Love You: A Tribute to Syd Barrett” from our friends in Italy at We’re not gonna spoil the party by revealing what track we’re doing, but if you show up at the AMT show, you’ll find out pretty quick!
yr pals at
ST 37
Look at the swell poster!
Flyer 5-3

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